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Solaris: Foot and Ankle


The Solaris Tribute (upper fingertips to axilla) is a line of wraps intended to be worn at night in order to relieve lymphedema and venous disease. All Tribute products feature foam channels that provide uni- or bi-directional compression, which stimulates tissue stretch to treat swelling. This lower extremity model provides support for clients with edema and/or tissue fibrosis at the foot and/or ankle region. The garment’s advanced construction incorporates Chevron channels, which convey flow in both directions – distal to proximal, and medial to lateral. It is expertly designed to be easy to use and very comfortable. All Tribute products carry not only a one-year quality warranty, but also Solaris’ unique Sure-Fit Warranty. This guarantees that if the garment does not fit, a return can be made within two weeks of shipment for an alteration or a remake.

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Key Features

• Increases patient compliance
• Stabilizes daily fluid fluctuations
• Simplifies patient's at home programs
• Protects limbs and support lax tissue
• Custom sizing only