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We specialize in products leading to a better quality of life, including specialized Lymphedema treatment, mastectomy and post-mastectomy services, compression garments and orthopedic services. We also offer many revolutionary advances in health care not listed here.
If you feel confused or overwhelmed, you may suddenly be faced with shopping for a product and service you may know little or nothing about…we can help. Your comfort and a natural appearance is our goal with every fitting. Many frequently asked questions are explained in this website. However, if you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Hello eeryone, I just got my stockings on 9-13-2023.

Just a brief hx., I am now a Senior Citizen. I’ve had challenges with swelling of legs, ankles & feet for several yrs. now. All related to back injury in MVA & surgeries. Doctors orders, get support stockings OTC. Good while BRAND NEW. After the 2nd wash, oh well there went the support. I was buying (3) pr. new stockings every year.

I met Siona through my sister. When I saw what Siona’s was able to do for her, I immediately got signed up for help for myself.

Getting to the point, while putting on my stocking for the (L) foot, I immediately felt relief, right then (the swelling was not too bad, this day.) My foot, ankle & leg SHOUTED,THANK YOU, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG. All I could do was sit and rub that (L) limb saying, OH, How WONDERFUL this feels. It took me several mins. of gloting over the wonderful feeling on the (L) side before I could put on the stocking for the (R) side. By the way, the stockings I had on, I THREW THEM IN THE GARBAGE!!

I’m sold on Siona’s professionalism & attention to details. I am a Client of Siona’s from now on!!

Thank you for reading my excitement!!

Tunu B. Shakari

“I have had an amazing experience and relationship with Siona Healthcare. All of the products, from bra’s, Lymphodema sleeve/glove, chest compress jacket, prosthesis and skilled counseling has been most beneficial in my journey and continued recovery. I don’t know how I could have made the transitions without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am eternally grateful for all of you and your patience and flexibility.”

Diane Alexander

“My experience with Siona has been life changing for me. I have suffered with severe swelling in my legs for over 20 years . I have been prescribed medicines, PT, old remedies, you name it. And then I met Siona, an angel sent from God. My doctor referred me to her for compression stocking fitting, and she took one look at my lymphatic legs and said you need compression boots. OMGoodness!

In 3 months the results have been amazing. I boot up every evening a couple of hrs before bedtime. I get in my nice comfortable chair and boot up! It is so incredibly relaxing. My legs now look amazing. I am down 3 cm of swelling. Before Siona I was so ashamed of my swollen legs until I dreaded wearing a dress or skirts. The awkward stares, questions from others, and remedy suggestions were just unbearable. No more of that! I can hardly wait to get home and relax in my compression boots. And I also wear my compression stocking socks daily for added support. I recommend this to anyone that has severe edema or lymphatic swelling. I am a very, very satisfied customer.”

Lynette Parlow