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Lympha Press PCD-51


The Lympha Press PCD-51 applies pressure in sequence. The pressure wave is created by overlapping air chambers inside the compression garment, which is fastened around the area to be treated. Adaptive pause and Smart TechnologyTM ensure accurate pressures and appropriate cycle times for superior results.

As each chamber inflates in sequence, a smooth directional massage enhances venous return while helping trapped lymphatic fluid find its way to alternative, open lymphatic channels. Once the sequence is complete, the PCD-51 releases the pressure. Then the process starts over again, and is repeated for the length of the prescribed treatment session.

The Lympha Press PCD-51 offers state-of-the-art technology to manage lymphedema, chronic wounds and other related circulatory conditions.

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Key Features

• Sequential gradient compression
• Easy operation for elderly patients
• Automatic pause time for efficient and comfortable therapy
• Tamper-proof lock button
• Dual voltage - convenient for travel
• The PCD-51 system is compatible with all of our 4- and 8-chambered garments.