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Lympha Press Optimal Plus


Lympha Press Optimal Plus is specifically designed for the treatment of lymphedema, lipedema, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Lympha Press is clincally proven to stimulate lymph protein absorption and increase lymphatic return during and even after therapy. It integrates research and cutting-edge technologies from around the world to offer more specialized patient care with advanced pneumatic compression.

This unit offers a unique Pretherapy,™ proximal to distal compression cycle designed to stimulate the lymphatics. With adjustable ranges of therapy pressures and sequences that allow customized treatment options (20-90 mmHg.), Lympha Press Smart Technology™ “learns” the patient’s unique measurements, calibrating the pressure in each chamber, and adjusting to changing measurements to provide optimal therapy.

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Key Features

• Automatic adjustable pause and hold time
• User-friendly, clear interface
• Calibrated gradient compression – single chamber pressure selection
• Full compliance meter
• The Lympha Press Optimal Plus offers Bluetooth technology. Your smartphone or tablet operates like a remote control!