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Amoena 2105


The 2105 post-surgical garment with drain management incorporates a stretch neckline for easy step-in entry. The soft cotton and comfortable Lycra fabric offer a snug but non-restrictive fit. Overall, the smooth nature of the product, and sensitive interior provide a magnificent feel when being worn.

Accessories: Includes two 2106 Fiberfill Post-surgical Forms, and two 2107 removable drain pouches for use with Jackson-Pratt, Hemovac and other drain management systems.

Material: 88% cotton / 12% Lycra Spandex

Billable to most insurance plans and Medicare under L8015.

This product comes in white, nude (tan), and black.

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Key Features

• stretch neckline for easy step-in entry
• ultra-soft cotton fabric
• snug but non-restrictive fit
• cotton pockets and smooth interior side seams for comfort to sensitive skin